Oxygenated deep bottoms beneath a thick hypoxic layer lack potential of benthic colonization

To follow the progress of possible colonization and the progress of chemical oxygenation and reduction processes of the bottom overlain by hypoxic water in the deeper East Gotland Basin, a sediment profile image survey similar to the July 2015 survey of Rosenberg et al. (2016) was undertaken in April 2016. Only one record of a benthic individual, Bylgides (Harmothoe) sarsi, occurred in oxygenated deepwater. At most stations, the superficial oxygenated layers had been thinner from 2015 to 2016. The results of the survey are described and discussed in a recent paper in Ambio by Anders Stigebrandt, Rutger Rosenberg, Marina Magnusson and Torsten Linders. It is concluded that colonization of deep bottoms of oxygenated layers that are covered by a thick layer of anoxia or hypoxia can probably best be performed by horizontal movement of adults or larvae carried by the inflowing new deepwater. The paper can be found under the tab Downloads.