New BOX-WIN report published

A new report with results of the BOX-WIN project has now been published;

Technical Report no. 9
Application procedure requirements for concession to anchor and use a floating offshore wind turbine with pumping package in the Bornholm Basin – based on national legislation and the Espoo (EIA) Convention”

An application for concession will be required if a Demonstrator is to be tested in the Bornholm Basin. This report focuses on the guidelines for formulation of an application for concession, following Danish procedure and with regard to the Espoo Convention.

All BOX-WIN Technical Reports are available for download at our Downloads page.

BOX-WIN Technical Report no. 8 published

The latest report with results of the BOX-WIN project has just been published;

Technical Report no. 8
“Plan and Cost Estimate for a Demonstrator – a floating wind turbine unit equipped with pumps for oxygenation of the deepwater, and associated patents and immaterial rights”

In this report, the estimated costs for the realization of a Demonstrator are presented together with an expected time schedule. Costs for alternative configurations and larger systems of pumps are also estimated.

This Technical Report can now be downloaded from our Downloads page.